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NILE BODA Inc. is a transport company involving conveying a passenger between locations of their choice and service Delivery provision. It is a reliable, timely, safe, and standard Boda company in Juba, South Sudan.

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On click, the app opens & requests for your travel destination transport fees are estimated, the nearby Nile Boda driver is notified


Ride with trained, trusted drivers, each equipped with a spare helmet, drives at a moderate speed, and follows street light rules


Top up your Cashless using mobile money and go cashless, As easy as that, pay through the app, Uses fewer data to load.

Fast Support

We have the fastest customer support in case of any Complaint, perhaps Get a fair price every time with no hassle bargaining

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About NileBoda

The transport industry in the South Sudan alone is made up of about 7000 establishments with about billion in combined annual revenue. But the industry is not dominated by any company.

Major services in the transport industry strictly includes moving of passengers in personal vehicles; matatus and personal bodas. The major fund of industry comes from local passenger transportation services.

They are known to move individuals after being dispatched
per customer request, but they most times also pick customers that hail them down while driving on city streets or stages.

NileBoda Drivers

Nile Boda drivers all receive extensive training to make them the safest and most professional drivers in juba, South Sudan.

  • Trained in road safety first aid bike maintenance and customer care
  • Equipped with hairnets and a spare helmet
  • Identifiable and trackable through our system
  • When drivers join the NileBoda community a significant increase in their business is witnessed providing impact to themselves
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Happy Customers




Successful Requests

NileBoda Driver Requirements

You will need to meet the following requirements to complete your sign up and be accepted as a Nile Boda driver:

Document requirements

Driver Passport photo, You must be national with a National ID Card, Motorcycle Driving Experience, Police Clearance Certificate

Bike requirements + what we provide

Bike Insurance, Bike logbook/Sales Agreement
Photo of the bike from behind showing the number plate, We provide you with 2 Reflectors jackets and a helmets

Rely on the app even when you lose service.

Lost your connection? You can still start and end trips, no matter what happens.

Stay up to date Get messages about everything from upcoming events and earning opportunities to information about your account and new features. How to find Notifications: anytime you have new messages, a badge will appear on your photo in the top right corner of your map screen. Tap to read them.

Plan your day with ease see hourly trends, set preferences, and view promotions all in one place.

Available on all Android devices from 6.0

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Unique App Screenshots

At a glance of the NileBoda app amazing features both for the Customer, and the Driver, the beauty of its interface.

How the NileBoda app works

Going online
The Driver app is always available. So whenever you’re ready to drive or deliver, open the app and tap GO.

  • Order a ride in minutes Once online you’ll automatically begin to send (customers) or receive requests (Drivers) in your area. Your phone will sound. Swipe to accept

Turn-by-turn directions The app makes it easy to find your driver or customer and navigate to the allocated destination

  • Rating system Riders and drivers plus other customers will be asked to provide feedback on every trip.

5k+ Users Love NileBoda app

Juba's best, convenient, safe and reliable transport of the centuries

NileBoda Application

We collaborated with drivers and delivery people around Juba, Sudan to build it. See for yourself.

Googleplay * Feature availability may vary based on your city and region.
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We do our best to answer all questions you may have about us and our service. If you feel there's an answer we've left out.

What is NileBoda?

NILE BODA Inc. is a transport company involving conveying a passenger between locations of their choice and service Delivery provision in a reliable, timely, safe and standardized manner

How do I get the NileBoda app?

iPhone / IOS download If you have an IOS device -you can download the App on the App store.

How does the app work?

Open the NileBoda app, type in your destination, and request a boda, With one click you will be connected to a NileBoda Driver who will pick you up at your location. You can rate the driver and soon you will able to pay via mobile money and cash.

Is the price fixed?

The NileBoda app calculates a fair, standard, and transparent price on every ride. When you input your destination into the app, it will give you a price estimate based on distance. After the trip, the app will calculate a final price based on distance and time.

What training do they go through?

Drivers are trained in the code of conduct which has four areas of focus our commitment to safety, our customers, our community, and bike maintenance. On-road safety includes traffic and road safety rules by the Global Road Safety Partnership.

Why are our drivers safer and more trusted?

After their training, drivers sign up to the NileBoda Code of Conduct to hold themselves accountable to a higher standard of safety and service. Our drivers are trackable and can also be identified by their name and ID number that is both on their pink jackets and in the app

Can NileBodas add stops during Send trips?

No, they cannot. Send trips are meant to be direct trips that include only 2 destinations, a pickup location and a drop off location.

Can I get a ride while I have a Send trip ongoing?

Yes, you can request a ride while you have an ongoing Send trip

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